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Damon on Aaliyah

Damon Dash Talks Aaliyah
July 18, 2003

The man responsible for turning Posh Spice into the female Eminem is Jay Z's partner in music and business, Roc-A-Fella co-CEO, Damon Dash. Since the tragic death of Damon's fiancee, Aaliyah, in 2001, he has rarely spoken about his loss. But when MTV News caught up with Damon this week, he told us how much he still misses her.

"Everybody knows I love her, I always will," says Damon, who has confirmed that the pair planned to get married. "She just was a good individual to have on this earth and one of the best ones I've ever met, she always affected people in a good way. But she'll always be with me. Everyone lives and everyone dies and it's just how you carry it and how you deal with it. I have to show everyone that you can deal with such a loss, because it was one of the biggest losses I've ever felt and one of the most painful experiences."

Speaking about keeping their relationship out of the media spotlight, Damon explained, "We didn't want to be bothered. No one wants to have their personal life critiqued and criticised, no one needs any judgement. We just wanted to have time and a space where we could just be ourselves, and that's the reason why we kept it on a low." --
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*cries* I miss her too.

I think the most problems occur in those relationships that are out there in the so called spot light. There is so much more pressure. Aaliyah always made it very clear that she was a performer and didnt intend to be anything more. Thats why she never went into song writing etc. I suppose she just liked to keep her private life and her 'performing' life seperate..and to be honest i dont blame her!!